12-ft long ultra-light canoe

Canoe built in Ohio with Dave and Bobbie Castle

Lightweight Greenland-style sea kayak

Paddle Oregon canoe built along the route of this annual event sponsored by Willamette Riverkeeper. This boat was a challenge to make on the road but it turned out great.

Elk hide covered tiny coracle. This is a boat that is on display in the home of Richard Smith, a hazelnut grower from Banks, Oregon, who generously gave me access to hundreds of hazel rods on his 300-acre farm.

My first hybrid currach. This boat was a Fathers’ Day gift from my friend John Scherner by his wife Ann.

My son Joe’s 16-foot-long currach based on a boat from Kerry County, Ireland

Project Archives

English teaching colleague and good friend, Melissa Sinn, works on her own version of a coracle with my assistance, in her favorite color, sapphire blue.

16-ft canoe under construction with the help of Jane Driggers Proctor

Currach hybrid, a boat built with youth from P:ear (Project: education, art and recreation), a mentoring organization for homeless youth

A typical 4-ft. by 6-ft. currach.  Putty the pet chicken used it for some quality perching time during construction.

10-ft. long paddling currach built by youth at Open Road Learning Community summer camp in 2014.

10-ft. long old school rowing currach