Handcrafted Skin-on-Frame Boats



I work with P:ear (Project: education, art and recreation), a mentoring organization for homeless youth, teaching them the art of Hazelwood boat building. Together, we recently constructed a beautiful 15-ft. Irish currach hybrid. At the end, the currach sold at auction to support P:ear.

I work with schools, community organizations and individuals to teach them the art of Hazelwood boat building. We start from scratch, with an original design,  and progress to a finished highly functional boat. I teach out of my home as well as travel to teach and build. 



Since around 2008, I have built numerous canoes, kayaks and currachs (designed to replicate ancient Irish fishing boats). My boats are frequently used on a variety of waterways, and I continue to hone my craft for my own enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of many others. 


for Sale

Hazelwood boats are built by hand, with a frame made of hazelwood or willow rods and/or milled wood. A leather skin, or a canvas or nylon skin which is colored and waterproofed,  covers the frame to make a lightweight, durable and highly functional canoe, kayak or currach.

Boat Building 


Boat Building 


Current boats for sale:

14-ft. Greenland-style

sea kayak.

15-foot 2-3 person canoe.

Boats  sold ready to float, or hire me to custom design and build a boat of your choice.